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to AOTM despite this:

And I'll say I'm still not an Intelligent Design proponent, but Dr. Behe certainly won the debate and is quite reasonable.  I will probably read his new book that's coming out.

Essentially, the difference in the positions was that Dr. Behe believes that a Designer of nature(or perhaps simply that an intentional design exists) is provable through science, whereas Prof. Kemp believes that whether or not there was a Designer of the universe is a question that can only be answered through philosophy.

The main problem I have with ID is that if God can be "proved" through science, than He can be "disproved" through science.  But Dr. Behe does offer a much needed critique of Dick Dawkins and crew.  Ironically though they both make the same mistake, Dawkins thinks he can disprove the existence of a Designer through science whereas Behe thinks he can prove it.

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