Update on the Rogan and Kelly families

The death of Mike Rogan has gotten national and international coverage now.  A few articles:

USA Today coverage:

Daily Mail UK coverage:

The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia coverage:

An update from the GoFundMe page:
We and some family members were interviewed by the Associated Press and three local news media outlets earlier today. The Rogan's story was picked up by national media and is now being shared worldwide! We will continue to update the page below with the latest media coverage.

We also learned of Mike's funeral details today, which are contained with his obituary in a link below.

Again, today, many of you have asked us to raise the bar. With prayerful humility, we are doing so once more. In addition to taking care of their immediate financial needs, the goal of $500,000 will allow Niki to have the option to continue homeschooling their children, as Mike would have wanted.
The family has surpassed the $300,000 mark which is just fantastic!

GoFundMe: Mike and Niki Rogan Family

Also in the even more frustrating case of Peter Kelly, I found a detailed article in The Asanti County News on the details of the murder investigation.  I hope many can also reach out to support and pray for the Kelly family.  It makes me incredibly angry, which it ought to do, I can't imagine the devastation the family must feel.

The latest update shows that they have not yet reached the $100,000 mark.  There have been less updates, as I'm sure the family searches for answers after this great injustice and it appears some commenters have even "chosen sides" over who was in the wrong in the events that lead to Peter's murder(safe to say; it's the guy doing the stabbing).  I hope people can also contribute to the support of the widowed Kelly family and their five young children, and perhaps at least leave a comment of assured prayers and support for the victims in this tragedy.

GoFundMe: Peter and Christie Kelly Family

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