LifeSite: Gloria Steinem pushes abortion at Wisconsin Catholic college, bishop rebukes college

DE PERE, WI, April 30, 2015 ( -- Despite pronounced disapproval from the local bishop, a Wisconsin Catholic college hosted a notorious pro-abortion feminist to talk about “social justice,” and it’s not the first time the school has given a platform to speakers who vehemently oppose Church teaching.

St. Norbert College in De Pere presented Gloria Steinem last week, along with another pro-abortion activist, bell hooks, according to a report from Fox 11, as part of a discussion on the history of the women’s movement as it may pertain to domestic violence.

Steinem became the face of the feminist movement beginning in the late 1960’s, and has been an outspoken abortion proponent throughout her career.

Green Bay Bishop Davis Ricken was not initially informed by the college of its plans to host Steinem, and he expressed displeasure at the prospect, responding in his regular column to the many people who had contacted him to see if he approved of the college’s decision to host the pro-abortion feminist.

“I want to let you know that not only did I not approve of such a decision,” Bishop Ricken said, “I did not know about it.”

The bishop told his readers that as bishop, he has the responsibility to ensure the Catholic identity of the Catholic colleges in his diocese.
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