Madison's 'atheist church' - Uh, Lord of the World much?

“We are a godless congregation. An atheist church, if you will.”

With those words, Eric Snyder welcomed people to the April service of “Sunday Assembly Madison.”

You may recall hearing about the effort last fall when the group launched. It is a local chapter of an international movement to create church-like experiences for people who do not believe in a higher being.

The goal is to replicate, in a secular way, certain aspects of religion — the sense of belonging, the social supports, the uplifting music, the charitable deeds — while leaving out the heaven and hell part.
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.... I mean seriously.... this could be a chapter of Lord Benson's best.  Pope Francis even mentioned the book recently, calling it "prophetic."  The creepiest part of the book is the human "desire" for liturgy without God, or a liturgy worshiping humanity itself.  Quite frankly they would attract more atheists if the service was taken seriously:
A three-person band led a singalong of “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”
Paganism is more attractive because it contains beauty.  If atheists accepted beauty(other than a utility to procreate), they could create something that really appealed to the human condition in a twisted kind of way.

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