Michelle Malkin talks to MKE Catholic Herald about her Catholic faith

She’s been labeled “the radical right’s Asian pitbull,” was called a “vile, hateful commentator” by fellow talking head Geraldo Rivera in 2007, and has been referred to as a hateful, right-wing bigot and conservative wackjob by those on the political left.

To those on the right of the political spectrum, she’s one of their “brightest columnists and bloggers,” a “highly sought after commentator and author” willing to “expose liberals,” and challenge their views.

Michelle Malkin takes the criticism and praise in stride and says at the heart of her outspokenness is her Catholic faith, something she holds dear and something that guides her daily in her decision making.

“I absolutely consider myself Catholic. Catholicism has had a profound influence on my work choices and it drives what I decide to do every morning,” said Malkin in an interview with the Catholic Herald, April 16, at the Wisconsin Center, where later that evening she spoke to about 900 people attending Wisconsin Right to Life’s annual dinner.
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