New ArchMKE video: "Mass – The Heart of the Matter"

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  1. this video showcases something I have been saying over the last few years, especially since I turned 50, the young people are being emphasized in our church, the elderly seem to be so much more catechized, but us people from the 60's and 70's youth, the souls who were given the sacraments, but very little in the way of education, just "folk and clown masses and lets all just know Jesus loves us and all people are saved because it's MEAN to say some aren't" We are not being feed and let's face it folks, we are closer to death than any 20 something typically is and certainly not prepared for it like our parents are in terms of faith. the church needs to start emphasizing the teaching of the faith to the middle aged Catholics. THAT will go far in bringing back the numbers to the church. I really think our church should start having some sort of mandatory education once you turn 40ish. That's when a lot of the middle age "crazies" start and a renewed faith would go a long way in saving families, lives and souls are such a pivotal time in life.

  2. here's another comment- matt, if a person is wearing bi or tri focals, trying to search for the photos that don't have anything to do with "salad" or "street signs" is super tricky to prove one is not a robot. it is HARD to see what some of the photos include because of the size and the light of the computer screen. just sayin'

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