Wisconsin Senate passes 20-week abortion ban, inserts exception language

MADISON — Pope Francis wrote in his recent encyclical, Laudato Si, that showing genuine care and concern for the vulnerable includes protecting the most vulnerable – human embryos. In the Wisconsin State Assembly, time is ticking on a bill lawmakers say will do just that.

The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection bill (SB 179) would prohibit all Wisconsin abortions at or beyond the 20-week gestation mark, making an exception only for medical emergencies. It passed the State Senate June 9 and moved on to the State Assembly, but Catholic and pro-life groups statewide are divided over the bill.

The bill’s argument is based on medical evidence that shows an unborn child’s pain receptors are present no later than 16 weeks after fertilization, with nerves that link the receptors to the brain no later than 20 weeks gestation.

The bill also calls for the pregnant woman to be informed, orally and in writing, of the unborn child’s age and numerical odds of survival, as well as “written materials on the availability of perinatal hospice.”

The debate for pro-life groups, however, lies not in the bill’s intent to shield the unborn child from pain but rather in its medical emergency language. While some stand behind SB 179 as currently written, others are asking for a removal of the medical emergency language before they will offer their full support.
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A month ago, I know, I'm out of the loop but a well written article.

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