WisSJ: Madison Catholic Diocese ordains largest class of new priests in 42 years

Family and friends of the Rev. Tafadzwa Kushamba break into song
and dance while celebrating his ordination to the priesthood after
a Mass at St. Maria Goretti Catholic Church.
A couple of hours before Chris Gernetzke was to become a priest, he could be found in a room at St. Maria Goretti Catholic Church in Madison laying out the vestments he would wear at that evening’s ordination Mass.

Gernetzke may be familiar to readers. Earlier this year, he let the State Journal shadow him for a day at The St. Paul Seminary School of Divinity in St. Paul, Minnesota. His story highlighted the increasing number of men joining the priesthood in the Madison Catholic Diocese.

On June 26, Gernetzke and five other seminarians became priests, the largest ordination class in the diocese in 42 years. It was a culmination of years and years of study by the six men.

As Gernetzke prepared for the ordination, he said he was the good kind of nervous, the kind where you’re excited about the future but also respectful of the momentousness of what lies ahead.
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WisSJ has some of the best coverage of Catholic event by a secular newspaper that I've seen.  What other secular paper has shadowed a seminarian for a day?  I mean really, it makes for .... well, good news!

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