John McAdams may sue Marquette after this week’s Faculty Hearing Committee meetings

There will be Faculty Hearing Committee meetings from Monday to Thursday this week to determine if associate political science professor John McAdams will be allowed to continue working at Marquette after his role in a widely publicized controversy between a student and teaching assistant.

“If the committee comes down against me, Marquette will surely fire me and then, of course, a lawsuit will follow,” McAdams told Wisconsin Watchdog on the Jay Weber Show, on News/Talk 1130 WISN.

Here is a timeline of events leading to this week’s faculty hearing committee meetings: 

Marquette starts removing McAdams – Feb. 4, 2015

McAdams announced on his blog that Marquette started the process to revoke his tenure and dismiss him from faculty.
McAdams had the option to object to the university’s decision, which he did. That resulted in this week’s Faculty Hearing Committee Meetings.

“In real universities, administrators understand, or more likely grudgingly accept, that faculty will say controversial things, will criticize them and each other, and that people will complain about it,” McAdams said on his blog. “That sort of university is becoming rarer and rarer. Based on Holz’ actions, Marquette is certainly not such a place.”
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  1. If Professor McAdams has to go the route of a lawsuit, I wish him well. He has been treated shamefully by Marquette.


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