Scott Walker to drop out of 2016 presidential race: source

(Reuters) - Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin plans to drop out of the 2016 presidential race, a Republican source familiar with the decision said on Monday, in a precipitous collapse from serious contender to poor showings in opinion polls.

Walker's campaign announced he would hold a news conference in Madison, the Wisconsin capital, at 6 p.m. ET on Monday, but it did not say what he would discuss. His campaign did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

But a source familiar with his plans said Walker planned to exit the race for the nomination to represent the party in the November 2016 election.
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I don't know the details of who was on the campaign but they clearly failed.  To a certain extent The Donald took his clout as the rogue outsider.  I am selfishly glad we can keep him in Wisconsin, Gov. Ron Kind has a nauseating ring to it.

Ben D:
If Rick Perry and Scott Walker are the first two candidates to exit the 2016 stakes, it would mean that Republican voters have discarded two of the most successful Republican governors in this century, two men elected governor a total of six times between them, who represent a clear approach to public policy, a broad appeal across multiple ideological factions of the GOP, and have established resumes of executive leadership. Both Perry and Walker have their defects, but they also have the capacity to appeal to the concerns of both the insider and the outsider. But that’s not what Republican voters want in a nominee, and it’s not what they’re going to get.
Although not my candidate, the fact that Walker sank so low (despite major success) really does show that it's not just the politicians who bolster the Party of Stupid.   The GOP primary process just seems broken.



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  1. Should we really mourn this? It's not like Scott Walker represents Catholic interests or values even if there is occasional overlap.

    1. The Donald is one of the signs of the apocalypse.

    2. Well Walker represents Catholic interests better than most of the Catholics in politics.

  2. Is this comment a joke? In Wisconsin, who represents "Catholic" interests or values more than Governor Walker???? Cafeteria Catholic Barrett? Where was Archbishop Listecki on the Planned Parenthood HORROR videos? GOD BLESS SCOTT WALKER for all he has done in the State of Wisconsin for the unborn babe in the womb!

  3. The Governor Deluxe of Wisconsin judges people by their wealth quotient after their births. Certain people are cherished and others are subjugated under those false judgments. After all, "the love of money is the root of all evil."
    Allowing people to make a split-second judgment about using a gun is demeaning of human life.
    Isn't the willingness to carry a gun a willingness to take a life? Isn't that in itself immoral? The "castle doctrine" is bunk.
    Gov. Walker will not confront the Tavern League to stiffen drunk driving penalties. How many deaths are involved in that annually?


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