Wis Republicans did not include pro-life bills for vote in upcoming session

via Wisconsin Family Council
What’s going on?

Shenanigans are going on—that’s what!

As unbelievable as it may seem, the supposedly pro-life Assembly Republican leadership did not include Assembly Bill 305 or AB 311 on its calendar for the floor session this coming Thursday, September 24. They’ve included AB 310, a bill that redirects federal Title X funds—about $3.5 million a year—away from Planned Parenthood. And that’s good. But all three bills need to be on the calendar forthis Thursday’s floor period.

Late last week, Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos convened a study group to work on a compromise for AB 305. We don’t need a compromise, especially not one that would gut the bill.

Two of the three people on the group, Representatives John Nygren (co-chair of the powerful Joint Finance Committee) and Amy Loudenbeck, are known to be opposed to the bill. That means the deck is already stacked against keeping the bill as it is.

What’s the message?.

“Put Assembly Bill 305 bill on the floor for a vote this Thursday with no amendments. Human life isn't a commodity or a research tool. Wisconsin is better than that. Also put the taxpayers ahead of political games. Put Assembly Bill 311, without amendments, on the floor for a vote too.”

What do the bills do?

Assembly Bill 305 stops the sale and use of the body parts/tissue of aborted babies. Human life—even that which has been brutally murdered in the womb—is not a commodity. It’s not for sale—ever. The Center for Medical Progress videos shows clearly that Planned Parenthood has been involved with just such trafficking around the country. We have evidence that the UW has used tissue from aborted babies with Planned Parenthood of WI's fingerprints on it.

Assembly Bill 311 stops family-planning organizations such as Planned Parenthood of WI from overbilling the state—that’s us, the taxpayers!—for drugs they buy cheap and dispense through a Medicaid program, sometimes charging the state—US!—3-5 times more than they paid for the drug.

Speaker Vos and Majority Leader Steineke are responsible for what bills get to the Assembly floor. Rep. Nygren is a key member of the study group assigned to find a “compromise” on AB 305.

It’s time to call all 3 of them and tell them to put AB 305 as well as AB 311 on the floor this Thursday for a vote.

Please call the following Republican leaders in the state Assembly right away:

Speaker Robin Vos (608) 266-9171 or (888) 534-0063
Majority Leader Jim Steineke (608) 266-2418 or (888) 534-0005
Joint Finance Co-Chair John Nygren (608) 266-2343 or (888) 534-0089


  1. Well of course they didn't; because it would be a total fallacy to believe that either party is remotely pro-life.

  2. Note well: Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce own the (R) legislators (with a couple of exceptions.) They came out loud and clear FOR baby-parts harvesting and distribution.

    There are more than a few "Catholics" on the Board of WMC, by the way.


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