Ann Coulter anti-Catholic rant on Twitter "Catholics were not accepted until they became more AMERICAN Catholic less ROMAN Catholic"



It's nothing new folks, people still think this way on the right and left. This populist head-banging on the right clearly isn't a good approach to politics. False: My enemy's enemy is my friend.


  1. About a year ago (?) Sykes invited Coulter to speak for some event or other. She cancelled, not because of "illness"--but because nobody bought tickets to see her.

    She had promise, at one time.

    1. She had her moment in the late 90s/early 2000s, but she's definitely faded in terms of clout. Her books are not nearly as successful as they once were.

  2. Ms Coulter was raised Catholic, but left for the "more American" Orthodox Presbyterian Church.


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