Twin Cities parishes seek to ramp up security after recent crimes

Along with security issues some parishes regularly face, the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks in Paris have given them another reason to consider whether their security plans are comprehensive.

While local experts identify risks and stress the need to be alert and take steps to increase security, they also say heightened awareness can enhance a parish’s ability to welcome and serve parishioners and guests.

Serious incidents at churches are rare, but trending upward. In 2014, 74 violent deaths occurred at U.S. faith-based organizations, compared to 22 in 1999, according to Carl Chinn, of Colorado Springs, Colorado, who speaks to faith-based operators and law-enforcement groups about ministry security. Since 1999, he has compiled data about criminal incidents at religious institutions from major news outlets, law enforcement press releases and public court records.

In Minneapolis, two recent incidents at St. Olaf have led the downtown parish to evaluate its security.
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  1. Where are the Knights of Columbus? Why can't they stand guard? The Knights of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher? Are their outfits just for show? Imagine a couple of octogenarian knights all tricked out in capes and plumed hats - one or two on horses outside and a couple inside with swords in hand threatening some gangsta kid. Put these retired guys to work defending the churches.

    Or allow guns on the premises, but still enforce the nuclear free zone areas.

    Welcome back Badger!

    1. LOL! Thieves should be glad Jesus doesn't detonate himself upon being stolen.

      The last AOTM the "Pope of S. St Paul" said he was happy to have concealed carry folks at Mass but not in his school. I thought that was interesting.

      Such a good trip Terry, I should write a post about it.


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