WisSJ: Fundraising campaign to train future Madison priests exceeds its goal by $14 million!

A $30 million campaign by the Madison Catholic Diocese for money to train future priests greatly exceeded its goal, bringing in pledges of $43.7 million, according to the diocese.

The just-ended effort was the first diocesanwide capital campaign in more than 50 years.

Church officials attribute the robust response to several factors, including the intrinsic value parishioners place on seminarians, or priests-in-training. Parish priests are considered the lifeblood of the church, though their numbers nationally are down sharply from the peak years in the 1970s.
Also, a significant portion of the pledged amount will be returned to individual parishes because they exceeded their fundraising goals.
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Wow!  Great work to those working for and the people of the Madison Diocese!

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  1. Maybe other bishops in the country and in the state could learn something from Bishop Morlino.


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