"Brew City Catholic" Catholic student org working on its inaugural year at the UW Milwaukee

Brew City Catholic began its inaugural year at the UW Milwaukee campus in fall. Funded through the campus ministry office, the missionaries fully fundraise their salary for 10 months, according to Burds.

“There is a uniqueness to this city that made it the perfect choice to begin the Brew City missionary project,” said Burds.

“One thing I’ve come to realize quickly being in Milwaukee is that there is a great desire for things home-grown, whether that is coffee, beer, or missionary projects,” [Great line! Love it!] said the new missionary coordinator within the campus ministry office, Micah Pfundstein. “I have seen so much good in the community of Milwaukee already, and there is such an apparent yearning in the culture, such a hunger for goodness, beauty and truth. This project is a response to that need, that craving.”

The project consists of five recent college graduates who live at the Mother Teresa Center at St. Robert Parish, Shorewood.

“They definitely have the heart for it,” said Burds. “And the love for Jesus, of course.”
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And a great name!

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