James at Cream City visits Old St. Mary's in Milwaukee

Few churches in Milwaukee rival Old Saint Mary Parish in terms of beauty. Built in 1847, it is the oldest Catholic church in the city. Step inside and you’ll see why it’s such a treasure.

Symbolizing heaven, the sanctuary shines in gold, as angels peer down from the walls. I love the ornate high altar and painting of the Annunciation. The ray of light emanating from the Father and the Holy Spirit, who is descending on the Virgin Mary, immediately draws one’s gaze to a focal point. Old Saint Mary is not a very big church and so, with all the gold, statues and stained glass windows, you feel totally immersed in a pocket of beauty in the middle of a busy and noisy downtown.
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On this side of the state we just don't have churches like this.  The first Catholic church in La Crosse was razed years ago, there just isn't the same sense to preserve these gems.  Some of the country churches do still stand(the ridge) but in any of the larger cities in this diocese anyway there just wasn't a sense of preservation.  It was the same case with secular buildings as well, the old post office in La Crosse was a beautiful building but was replaced with a mundane, utilitarian facility some years ago.  My hope is when secular architectural sensibilities return, that it will seep into Catholic sensibilities as well.

The Original
no amount of half dead trees can cover up the ugly. 

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