News: Eight people attend Marquette LGBT Mass

via Marquette Warrior 
From Marquette Wire:
Campus Ministry hosted one of its monthly Masses for the LGBT community and its allies at the St. Joan of Arc Chapel on Nov. 20.

Theology professor the Rev. Bryan Massingale led Mass with the eight students and community members who attended.

“Many of the LGBTQ community members have heard stories that they are not welcome in the church,” Massingale said. “It is important to have a Mass where they feel welcome and that God does love them and no one is excluded.”
But don't worry, LGBTQRSTUVs, there are other opportunities for pride!
Other Marquette worship opportunities include Islamic prayer, Jewish services, Lutheran worship and Eastern Orthodox Vespers.
You know, because Islam is peace because tolerance.

Come on, if your going to cover a student event for EIGHT people, at least let us know what the music selection was.

I would think if they can't get attendance for these, they will start hijacking existing Mass times to force it down everyone's throats.

Not reported if a Gay Marriage was performed; Massingale is more than willing.


  1. But they don't allow the Mass in Latin at the Chapel anymore???

  2. They sullied that beautiful little chapel with this garbage?


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