AOTM to publish full videos of Shea vs Voris and Shea vs Ferrara this week

Special Announcement! Two AOTM debates on videocoming later this week!
Posted by Argument Of The Month on Sunday, January 24, 2016
After long deliberation I have decided to do a special showing of the two AOTM debates above. We are currently doing some work to the videos and they should be done sometime later this week. I do not think that we will be putting these up on Youtube, but rather on our website. I will be sending out an announcement when they are up on the site. I would ask that all make a donation of at least $5 before watching these videos. The cost of our events has been continually on the rise. From additional insurance, rental fees and kitchen equipment breaking down there is little money left for getting ourselves the tech equipment needed to bring these events to you via the internet. We do not need much. In the past 15 years of AOTM we have never made a pledge for money in our email blast or on our webpage. We have done a lot with very little and if you appreciate what we do please help us out. Be sure, no one here receives a cent for what they do. We all do this in the hope of helping souls get to heaven. God Bless.
Glad to hear it.   Some Sconnies especially from the east side of the state are woefully too far away (although, it's worth aligning a planned trip up to the cities to witness AOTM in person.  If you are interested in more debates like this being made available, please consider a small (or large) donation.

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  1. I have growing questions about the credibility of Michael Voris. He's not a theologian, he's an opinion journalist, and he makes sweeping statements that are totally irresponsible and inflammatory. Worth reading is this article from a former intern at Church Militant. It's very revealing.


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