Rally for Life in Madison Jan 12 to support three strong pro-life bills in Wisconsin state legislature

It's great to see all three groups collaborating on an event.

Who: All pro-life Wisconsin citizens! Sponsored by Pro-Life Wisconsin,Wisconsin Family Action, Wisconsin Right to Life

What: (PLEASE NOTE TIME CHANGE!) 12 noon – 1:00 p.m. - Rally outside at King Street Entrance to State Capitol. Pro-life leaders and authors of AB 305/SB 260, AB 310/SB 237, and AB 311/SB 238, as available, will speak.

1:00 p.m.- 2:00 p.m. - Visit legislative offices urging legislators to put the bills on the floor.

When: Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2016, 12 noon – 2 p.m. (TIME CHANGE)

Where: King Street Entrance to the State Capitol, Madison, WI

Why: There are three strong pro-life bills in our state legislature that need to pass before this legislative session ends.
Assembly Bill 305/Senate Bill 260 bans the sale and use of the body parts of aborted babies in Wisconsin.
Assembly Bill 310/Senate Bill 237 redirects money from the Title X grant program away from Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin.
Assembly Bill 311/Senate Bill 238 prohibits family planning organizations, including Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, from overbilling the state for drugs it purchases and dispenses through a Medicaid program.

Media Contacts:

Matt Sande – Pro-Life Wisconsin – msande@prolifewisconsin.org – 262-352-0890
Julaine Appling – Wisconsin Family Action – jkappling@wifamilyaction.org –608-334-6435
Heather Weininger – Wisconsin Right to Life – hweininger@wrtl.org – 414-778-5780

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