Who's Reading The BC in 2015 - a surprising revelation

So first with the unsurprising news, that is, we care. About stuff.

Rank      State Percent of total
1 Wisconsin 36.41%
2 Illinois 10.18%
3 Minnesota 6.19%
4 California 4.47%
5 Missouri 3.80%

But then get this.... I'm not sure how I feel about it..... A bit frightened perhaps....

Rank City Percent of Total
1 Chicago, IL 5.82%
2 Milwaukee 5.78%
3 Madison 3.10%
4 La Crosse 2.12%
5 New York, NY 1.39%
6 Minneapolis, MN 1.31%
7 Wauwatosa 1.19%
8 St. Louis, MO 1.13%
9 De Pere 0.91%
10 Menomonee Falls 0.89%

.... What's going on here?!?  The Bears fans perhaps think I can play quarterback and are scouting me?  Or something..... far. more. sinister ...?

I've always wondered why Blogger doesn't give insight into RSS hits or the read by email thing, there's no way of knowing how many get content emailed to them.

Other trends, people check less frequently but read longer and more pages.  Ah, get this one:

1 desktop 59.06%
2 mobile 25.58%
3 tablet 15.35%

The mobile theme is not great.  I've actually thought of The BC 3.0 a bit, but side projects put it on the back burner.   Yeah, I even put a picture header.  It seems like a good year to shake things up.  Indeed, it's been a while since I've made discoveries like this and this

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