WisSJ: Catholic student center on UW campus to hold final Mass Sunday before demolition

On Thursday morning, the Catholic student center at UW-Madison did not feel like a place about to be demolished.

A custodian vigorously vacuumed the sanctuary as other workers endured the laborious task of replacing burned-out light bulbs from fixtures that hang 28 feet above the altar.

The attention was in preparation for the final Mass on Sunday, which the Rev. Eric Nielsen, the center’s director, envisions as a loving farewell to an old friend.

“This building has served so many people so well for so many years,” Nielsen said. “We want it to go out in glory.”
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Did WisSJ get a website overhaul?  I think it looks really good, and articles like this now can feature inline media which makes for a much better read.  This is another excellent article.



  1. Good riddance to one of the ugliest buildings I have ever seen. Fortunately, the plans for the new building look excellent.

  2. I have never been in that building, but I am sure that St. John's Cathedral in Milwaukee has it beat for "one of the ugliest building."

  3. As I recall it from my law student days, St. Paul's 'featured' a lot of exposed concrete. Still, my older son was baptized there, so I'll have to miss it at least a little.


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