McAdams: Marquette has a way of quietly making professors go away

M.D. Kittle reported at Wisconsin Watchdog on Marquette University's proceedings regarding professor John McAdams.
"In an interview last week with Wisconsin Watchdog on the Vicki McKenna Show, McAdams said a Marquette faculty committee late last month finally came back with its recommendation on what to do with the long-time political science professor. That recommendation, however, remains confidential."
If this process seems to have been going on a long time, that's because it has.
"The committee was supposed to have met 90 days after McAdams was told in January 2015 that the university was pursuing removal of his tenure for comments he made on his blog about a graduate student teacher. She reportedly closed off opinions against same-sex marriage in her class."
That would mean the committee should have met no later than April.
"The committee did not first meet until late September. It was to have a recommendation within 90 days of meeting, but the committee missed that deadline by nearly a month."
So they were then six months behind.
"And it doesn’t appear to be moving to resolution any time soon. McAdams said administrators have said nothing to him about when they will come down to a decision."
Maybe they just haven't gotten around to it.
"A Marquette spokesman has not returned calls seeking comment."
Maybe he or she just hasn't gotten around to it.

Back on February 5th Matt posted that Marquette University Pres Lovell prepared to make decision on McAdams academic freedom case at Marquette. He might have been prepared to, but he just hasn't gotten around to it.

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  1. I am shocked that he is not accorded the same protection for his views as Dan Maguire, et al, are for their views.


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