Pres Lovell prepared to make decision on McAdams academic freedom case at Marquette

I did not see this online on the Marquette Trib, apparently just in print edition?
A decision report regarding tenured political science professor John McAdam’s status at Marquette University was recently sent to University President Michael Lovell.

A Faculty Hearing Committee previously assembled to generate the report to determine if McAdams should be terminated after his role ina widely-publicized controversy.

Bruce Boyden, associate law professor and chair of the committee, confirmed that the report is finished and under Lovell’s consideration. That information was also announced at a University Academic Senate meeting last week.

Lovell will use the report to decide if McAdams will be terminated or continue working at Marquette. The report is not public due to academic statues, but Boyden said it should be available when Lovell makes his final decision.

Cheryl Maranto, the College of Business Administration’s Department of Management chair and University Academic Senate member, said Lovell didn’t provide a timeline that he’ll follow for making his decision.
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  1. The university sold out long ago to the culture and clearly cares more about its basketball team and money than the salvation of souls. Don't expect anything to change there. Wealthy alumni and powerful liberal boards will thwart any attempt to make it a Catholic university once more. I'd have far less of a problem with Marquette U. if it's leaders simply admitted the truth: it's not Catholic and therefore is not interested in promoting Church teaching.

  2. Agreed. Who do they think they are kidding?


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