Green Bay Cathedral two thirds completed with $3 million restoration campaign

They still have $1 million to raise, but a $3 million restoration campaign is underway at the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay’s Mother Church in the city’s downtown.

St. Francis Xavier Cathedral on Monroe Street has seen renovations outdoors over the past year, including a new roof—which had been leaking— and replaced bricks and refurbished doors, too.

Now the intricate artwork restoration inside is next on the list of long-term fixes, among other things.

“It’s a great treasure. I don’t know if we could even build something like this again,” remarked Fr. Joe Domer, Rector of St. Francis Zavier Cathedral.

High ceilings, stained glass and dramatic, hand-painted architecture and oil-painted murals date as far back as 1881.

“We have five bells and I just learned that if you were to try and purchase bells like the ones we have in our bell towers, it would run $180,000,” said Domer.
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