Update on Cascio Family - pregnant mother of five battling cancer

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On this episode of WSFI Spotlight Bill Snyder, talks with Michelle and Tim Cascio about their journey of faith, devotion to Our Lady of Good Success and Michelle's Pancreatic Cancer diagnosis

This program aired February 2, 2016 on the Feast of Our Lady of Good Success.
Ciara is due March 25 (the Feast of the Annunciation). Recent doctor’s visits confirmed Ciara’s growth is pacing well and her heartbeat is as strong as ever. The other day, Ciara had the hiccups and she puts in her food order early and often with cravings that are hard for Michelle to ignore in the middle of the night.

Michelle’s still recovering from her November surgery and hit a key milestone yesterday – no more pain pills due to the surgery and related incision. She battles exhaustion and manageable pain throughout parts of each day but the doctors say that is to be expected. We’re encouraged by all that we’re learning about forms of treatment that won’t harm our baby and address the underlying cause of Michelle’s pancreatic cancer.
continue at GoFundMe: Tim & Michelle Cascio Family Fund

Prayers and of course offerings if able.

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