Anti-Weakland, abuse coverup exibit at UW Milwaukee

Katherine M. Prange — a Sheboygan native who attended Holy Name Grade School and Sheboygan North High School — is currently a master of fine arts intermedia/digital media and design candidate in the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Peck School Of The Arts and is opening an exhibition at the UWM Arts Center Gallery on April 8.

In her exhibit titled “iudicate,” meaning “you be the judge” in Latin, Prange highlights the weight of moral justice concerning widespread and systemic child sex abuse in the Milwaukee area by presenting an obstacle course of ethical discernment, creating the ambiance of a children’s playground against a backdrop of juxtaposing viewpoints currently concerning the Catholic Church.

Prange presents video documentation of Milwaukee Archbishop Rembert Weakland’s deposition regarding his involvement with years of covering up information pertaining to priests and sexual abuse juxtaposed against a video compilation accounting for the media and public outcry of support concerning the newly appointed Pope of the Catholic Church — Pope Francis.


  1. English version please?

  2. English translation please?

  3. That so many of his people continue to run the Archdiocese of Milwaukee is beyond comprehension.

  4. While his personal reputation is in ruins, it has to be admitted that Weakland has the upper hand. I'm sure he is quite pleased that, in spite of his personal downfall, his ideology and warped ecclesiology are still firmly rooted in Milwaukee, thanks to his loyalists, who still run the show.

  5. Gee, Archbishop Listecki initiated the bankruptcy proceedings to avert his need to testify. What would he have said?


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