Bp. Morlino interview with NCRegister on tabernacle-to-center mandate in Madison Diocese

What do you think of the objections that moving the tabernacle would displace the choir or prevent people from actively participating at Mass?

Those objections fail to realize the center of our faith: the Person of Jesus Christ. Because Jesus is Our Lord and King, we should make that clear in the liturgy, not hide it. The way a church is set up demonstrates what we believe, so if the choir is behind [the altar] or in the sanctuary, the wrong message is being sent — namely, that our music is to be the focus of our worship. The second objection — about active participation — is ridiculous in the extreme. How could Our Lord be a distraction from worship? That’s like saying he’s distracting from himself.

Fortunately, we have had few real objections in Madison. The people have an inherent sense of what’s right, so when there’s proper preparation, they appreciate changes that truly bring us closer to God. There may be some initial misgivings, but those are later replaced by gratitude for liturgy done well. Goodness, truth and beauty have a way of bringing order and peace to souls.
Read more: http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/blessed-sacrament-front-and-center-gods-living-presence-clear-in-madison-ch/#ixzz41xat88z9


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