Bp. Morlino: Let there be gratitude and joy!

I love the Tissot Prodigal Son series
This past Sunday’s Gospel featured a story that we all know well. The minute the “Story of the Prodigal Son” begins, we can say, “Well, I know how this ends,” and instead of paying attention, our minds might wander to one of a thousand different things.

It’s an understandable temptation, but I hope you didn’t do that, because every time we hear that familiar reading, it should be something that hits us very concretely and powerfully, because it turns out to be about you and me. It turns out that the Lord wants to say something to you and me about that reading and through that reading each time, that He has never said before.

Focus on gratitude

Indeed, there are many, many ways to look at those readings, but one of the approaches one could take is the focus on gratitude, or lack thereof, and that’s precisely what struck me this time around.

Now, it’s clear that the younger son was not a grateful son. He was an entitled son. He said to his father, “Give me my share of the inheritance, now!” He wanted what was coming to him-- he felt he was entitled to it.
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