Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sts Peter and Paul Parish in Independence, WI gets face lift

Sts Peter and Paul Parish renovation
The church, built in 1895 by Polish settlers, is in the final stages of a massive renovation that began in 2010. The second-largest church within the Diocese of La Crosse was in disrepair and could have easily succumbed to the elements and been shuttered. But the parishioners, the community and total strangers stepped in to prevent this from happening.

From re-leading 33 massive stained-glass windows, to new electrical, to replastering columns and painting, to stripping the interior to the bare wooden floors and putting everything back together … every inch of the 121-year-old church was touched in one way or another.

The majesty of the steeple soaring towards the clouds captures people’s hearts, and the magnificence of the newly renovated interior captures their soul and takes their breath away. All eyes are drawn upwards toward heaven.

Paintings of saints decorate the nave and the Ascension of the Lord hovering high above the altar conveys a sense of holiness to those who enter. The renovations bring the church back to its original glory.
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This is so good to see, not just a beautiful restoration, but the people of the parish understanding their connection with the building.  Church buildings in this diocese have always been secondary.  I read one historical account that a school was always built first, then the church.  In fact, the first Catholic church in the city of La Crosse was razed some 50 years ago.

Bravo, can't wait to visit!

Parish website: 4apostles.org/wp

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  1. Thanks for posting this...I pass the beautiful church when I drive from La Crosse back to the Cities for work...wow, have never seen the inside.


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