Abp Listecki Take 5: Father Knows Best

What is the funniest moment that happened to you during a wedding?  

The funniest thing was at a wedding. I’d warned the bridesmaid who was doing the petitions at her sister’s wedding that the petitions read, “Let us pray for the newly married couple ___ and ___” and it meant she should insert their names. So I put in, literally, the sister’s name and husband’s name. And the bridesmaid looked at me at the rehearsal and said, “You don’t think I don’t know my own sister’s name and brother-in-law’s name?”

And I said, “Well, it’s just that the emotions of the day can make you go blank.”

And it came time for the petitions on the day of the ceremony. And she looked out and said, “Now, let us pray for the newly married couple…” and there was this blank stare. And she looked over to me and I looked at her and smiled, and then she looked down at the paper and read the names. The emotions of the day can throw you off.
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