St. Michael MN couple surprised by joy in the midst of death

Some say there is nothing worse than losing your child.

Laura and Franco Fanucci of St. Joseph the Worker in Maple Grove would agree. Yet, they were shocked to experience joy amid deep grief as they held not one but two dying newborns in a span of 24 hours at the end of February.

The unexpected transformation began after they entered Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis Feb. 27. Twenty-four weeks pregnant with twin girls, Laura had surgery in the morning to repair a condition that afflicts identical twins. Their placenta had an imbalanced blood flow that could be fatal to the babies.

Doctors were not satisfied with the surgery results, so they told Laura and her husband, Franco, already parents of three boys, that they would deliver the twins by C-section later that day.

When the twins, Margaret and Abigail — nicknamed Maggie and Abby — were born at 6:23 p.m., there was hope they would survive, although they each weighed less than 2 pounds. However, there was still the risk that their condition in the womb could affect their health. Using a cup of water, Franco baptized the girls.
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A powerful story on, as Abp. Fulton Sheen would say, life is worth living.

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