Everyone is talking about Marquette, and nobody's buying what they are selling

Wall Street Journal: Punished for Blogging at Marquette
Chicago Tribune: The Marquette professor who dared to speak out
National Catholic Register: Tenured Professor’s Free Speech Lawsuit Looms Over Marquette as Deadline Approaches
Marquette’s ongoing suspension of McAdams has landed it on the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education’s “[HuffPo:]10 Worst Colleges for Free Speech” list for two consecutive years.
And then it starts getting weirder.

Marquette University “Likes” Tweet That Calls for Shutting Down Opposition to Gay Marriage

And then they came out (18 months later?) with a FAQ page regarding the McAdams case.
Marquette today came out with an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about our case. It’s an amazing collection of evasion, dissembling, and outright falsehood.

Let’s analyze it piece by piece:

Dr. McAdams disagreed with the way one of our graduate students led a classroom discussion.

We “disagreed” with a teacher who told a student that he could not express opposition to gay marriage because doing so would be “homophobic,” and would “offend” any gay student in class. But Marquette implies this was merely some disagreement about pedagogical philosophy.

Instead of expressing those concerns through established internal channels, he chose to blog about our graduate student . . .

In the first place, the undergraduate student had attempted to “raise the concern” (note the euphemistic way mistreatment of a student is described) with the Arts & Sciences office, and then was referred to the Philosophy Department. There he was met with hostility, and received no redress at all.

Of course, bureaucrats would like all cases of misconduct to be quietly dealt with through “internal channels.”  This is the way the Catholic Church handled the priestly sex abuse crisis.
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If I were a betting man, Lovell does fire McAdams, McAdams takes Marquette to court and wins big, Lovell "resignation" soon after for inability to maintain liberal secular order.

Regardless of which side of the political spectrum folks find themselves, this whole fiasco is a total failure by the Marquette administration to maintain law and order.  And to date, no corrective action has been taken to update a clearly antiquated and ineffective university policy, neither to protect freedom of speech of either students or faculty, nor to protect students and faculty from harassment.  It's a deer in headlights death stare and Marquette is hoping the headlights veer off their current trajectory instead of simply stepping five feet to the left or to the right.

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