Milwaukee Archdiocese disavows flier saying archbishop backs candidate

A Milwaukee aldermanic candidate's campaign flier identifying Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki as a supporter was not authorized, Milwaukee Archdiocese spokeswoman Amy Grau said Monday.

The candidate, Chris Wiken, has a good chance to unseat veteran Ald. Terry Witkowski in Tuesday's spring election.

A Wiken campaign flier mailed to homes in the 13th Aldermanic District includes a photo of Listecki and identifies the archbishop as a "Proud Supporter of Chris Wiken" and "100% behind him."

Not true, Grau said. The archbishop did not endorse Wiken, she said.

In a statement, Grau drew a distinction between Listecki the individual and Listecki the archbishop.
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  1. I knew that wasn't true. I think this was lifted from a conversation that included the archbishop at G-Daddy's BBC Bar and Grill when he said he liked Chris Walken's film characters.


    1. Yeah that could have been anybody, we all know everybody likes Chris Walken.


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