Green Bay alderman proposing ban on alcohol sales - Bahaha!

Single servings of alcohol may be going away at Green Bay liquor and convenience stores.

Alderman Guy Zima is proposing to ban them over concerns about litter and panhandling.

Zima proposed the idea to Green Bay’s Protection and Welfare Committee Monday.

“Single cans of alcohol,” Zima said would be banned. “Beer, malt liquor, small bottles of whiskey, gin.”

Under the proposal, people wouldn’t be able to open up a cooler and grab a bottle or can anymore. Zima says it would help the community.

“It seems to cut down on the litter in the neighborhoods, the panhandling the police-related alcohol calls and cuts down on homeless crime,” said Zima.
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C'mon man, litter?  Maybe you should also ban potato chips then?  And single cans of beer result in police-related alcohol calls?  What about 30 packs?

HT Vicki

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