Planned Parenthood Madison East to End Contraceptive Services, Do Abortions Only

MADISON, WI (April 22, 2016) – Pro-Life Wisconsin has learned from reliable sources that the Madison East Planned Parenthood is planning to transition from its mix of contraceptive and abortion services to offering abortion services exclusively. The change in service model is expected to occur within the next two months. Pro-Life Wisconsin State Director Dan Miller offered the following comments:

“Planned Parenthood is showing its true colors - red and green, blood and money. They claim abortion is a very minor percentage of their total services while touting contraception as the key to reducing abortion. And now its Madison East affiliate is preparing to dump its contraception service to focus, or rather profit, solely on abortion. Their hypocrisy is unsurpassable.

“Pro-Life Wisconsin strongly opposes contraceptive drugs and devices because they harm women and cause early chemical abortions. We will be happy to see the Madison East Planned Parenthood scrap this ‘service.’ At the same time, the move exposes Planned Parenthood’s relentless and heartless obsession with profiting off the killing of preborn babies.

“Pro-Life Madisonians, through our Dane County affiliate Vigil for Life, will pray and sidewalk counsel ceaselessly until the Madison Planned Parenthood killing center shutters it doors. May that day come very soon – before they ramp up their abortion program and destroy even more mothers, fathers and babies.”

Dan Miller, State Director
Cell (262) 993-6262
15850 W. Bluemound Rd., Suite 311
Brookfield, WI 53005

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