LseTrib: Spunky Independence WI native donates $500,000 for elevator addition to church

At 88, Adeline Kulig Puccini remains spunkier than a cherub on Christmas Eve, with a devilish twinkle in her eye when asked where she got the half-million dollars to pay for an addition, including an elevator, for the church where she was baptized.

“None of your business,” Puccini said with a mischievous smile during an interview Friday, in advance of the dedication and celebration Sunday of her gift to Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Independence.

A knowledgeable fly on a pew hinted that Puccini had done well with investments.

Puccini, who has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois and a master’s from Northwestern University, confessed as much a few minutes later, saying, “I had a 40-year career as a speech pathologist. I’m vested well.”

So was her husband, the late Navy Capt. Joe Puccini, a Top Gun aviator, she said, adding quickly and firmly, “This is my charity. His charities are in Texas.”
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If you are following along at home, Sts. Peter and Paul is also undergoing a good renovation (as opposed to those popular 1970's hack wreckovations).


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