SNAP moves to raid parishes and charitable foundations in Archdiocese of St Paul/Minn, claims archdiocese "shielded $1.7 billion in assets"

Parish of St. SNAP's 
Now victims are looking to force the archdiocese to dip into assets—like parishes and charitable foundations stocked with cash—they say the archdiocese has shielded using a legal playbook more often associated with large, for-profit corporations.

In court papers filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Minneapolis late Monday, the victims, who are seeking compensation from the archdiocese, said its overall net worth, including property that is legally distinct but alleged to be controlled by the archdiocese, is about $1.7 billion. In bankruptcy court papers filed last year, the archdiocese pegged its total assets at about $45 million.
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“The Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis has been fully cooperating with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court since filing in January of 2015,” Archbishop Bernard A. Hebda of St. Paul and Minneapolis stated on Tuesday.

“Let me be clear: The Archdiocese has disclosed all of its assets and has followed all the rules set forth by the Court and all directives from the judge,” he continued.

An “unsecured creditors committee” and attorney Jeff Anderson, who represents hundreds of alleged Minnesota abuse victims, filed a motion on Monday claiming the archdiocese actually should have reported $1.7 billion in assets rather than the $49 million it reported in bankruptcy filings, according to the Associated Press.
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Publicity stunt.

Also, today is the final day to file criminal charges (I assume SNAP has filed criminal charges for each of its clients?) with lifted statute of limitations in Minnesota.
Wednesday is the last day for older adults who were sexually abused when they were children to file suit against their abusers.

The Minnesota Child Victims Act was passed in 2013, temporarily lifting the civil statute of limitations for these old cases

Before this act was passed three years ago, child sex abuse survivors had until age 24 to file suit. This law then allowed them to file civil lawsuits no matter how long ago the abuse happened.


  1. I would be curious to know how much Jeff Anderson had made from these cases and compare it to what his clients receive from the settlements.

    1. 'According to the article, he “collects as much as 40% from each settlement” and in 2007 he settled with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles “for around half a billion dollars.”'

  2. And then he ran up against Archbishop Listecki in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Want to bet Archbishop Hebda has been on the phone with him? Little Jeffy Anderson is trying to pull the same stunt in the Twin Cities that he tried to pull in Milwaukee. He lost his shirt in Milwaukee. Let us hope (and pray) that he meets with the same result in the Twin Cities.

  3. And Jennifer Haselberger sold her soul to the devil and is supporting Anderson in his Raiders of the Lost Ark machinations to take down the Catholic Church. He wants Catholic Cemeteries assets now. He has no shame - and she is a woman scorned.


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