Bus shelter transformed into Catholic parish replica + other news

Two weeks ago, the St. Josaphat Basilica Foundation announced a $7.5 million capital campaign. The gorgeous church, beloved for generations in Milwaukee and built to house 12,000 Polish parishioners, is in need of infrastructure repairs. You can read the history of the Basilica here. (The Foundation raises funds to support the ongoing restoration and maintenance for the church itself.)

To raise awareness about the fundraising campaign, the Basilica transformed a Milwaukee bus stop with replicas of artwork found in the Basilica. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article on that here.

I finally had a chance to stop by the Basilica's bus stop -- pictures below. The bus stop roof is in the image of the Basilica's dome and the bus stop features stained glass window images and a pew.

The bus stop is pretty neat. Take a look if you're in the Milwaukee area.

PS Super happy to be blogging again... Glad Matt welcomed me back into the BC fold. I am now with the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty -- WILL is a nonprofit public interest law firm. Professor John McAdams' lawsuit against Marquette University is perhaps one of WILL's most recent well-known cases.

PPS On a somewhat related note, if you've never seen the Vatican's 3D rendition of the Sistine Chapel, I highly recommend it. Link here.

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  1. That's awesome! When my wife and I visited Milwaukee several years ago, I had never heard of this basilica before seeing it from the highway. I insisted we stop and see inside and was grateful we did. Absolutely stunning. I hope its capital campaign is a huge success!


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