JS: Fox Valley abortion clinic closing

Madison — Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin is closing its Appleton abortion clinic, preventing women from accessing abortion anywhere north of Madison and Milwaukee in the state.

The announcement comes two months after a legal victory for Planned Parenthood that supporters of abortion rights hoped would keep clinics like the one in Appleton opened.

But the organization announced Monday it was closing the Appleton clinic because of security concerns. Planned Parenthood conducted a review of its clinics after a shooting last year at a clinic in Colorado Springs and found Appleton’s clinic did not have enough protections.

The clinic suspended providing abortions in October 2015 because of a temporary staff shortage. The staff shortage has since been resolved and is not related to the decision to close the clinic, said Chris Williams, chief operating officer of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin.
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So what's the real reason, I'm not sure.  I suppose this would help to serve as political fodder, claiming the state should be funding security at these locations.  Even though the Appleton location committed 600 abortions last year, it probably is not as lucrative as the other locations.  It's not like when they scare another woman into an abortion that they aren't going to convince them to drive a few hours to have it done anyway.  Heck, considering that people continue to find the abortion procedure so brutal, moving funding topics to faux topics like security is not a bad strategy on their part.  Anything that gets the focus on selling freshly killed baby parts is good for them.

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  1. The reason is money. Remember that Walker has cut them back, seriously, in the State budget.

    So now that Uihlein girl will have to cough up more, eh?


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