Scaffolding removed at Saint Stanislaus in Milwaukee, parish 150th anniversary in September

After months of anticipation, the enormous wall of scaffolding that filled the sanctuary of Saint Stanislaus Parish has been removed. It was worth the wait. As you can see, the result of the restoration is stunning. Completed in anticipation of the parish’s 150th anniversary in September, the sanctuary restoration project unfolded in several stages over the previous two years. The goal of the work has been to bring back, and even improve upon, the original splendor of this historic building, much of which was painted over (or simply destroyed) during the disastrous renovations of the 1960s. (You can get a good sense of what the church looked like over the years by checking out the gallery page.)
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  1. DAK (Does anyone know) are those the original stained glass windows? If not, what did the old one look like and what ever became of them?

  2. It looks completely different than before - amazingly beautiful. Can't wait to see the rest of the church restored.

  3. The windows in the sanctuary are new, dating from just last year, but are modeled after the original windows which were removed in the 60s. The original windows were mainly lost. A few pieces however were found last year in someone's attic. Those were given to the parish to help serve as a template for the construction of the new/traditional windows.

  4. "which were removed in the 60s" says it all, now don't it folks?


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