Dad29: The Chant Revolution in Milwaukee

Lo and behold!

Two western parishes in the Milwaukee Archdiocese have announced that they will launch Gregorian Chant choirs (scholae) beginning this Fall. Those would be St. Mary's (Visitation of the BVM) in Elm Grove and St. Jerome's in Oconomowoc.

It remains to be seen whether either will be successful, and what the programs will bring to the Masses in those parishes, of course.
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  1. Good stuff. Let me guess, these are LAY-inspired initiatives, with the support of a couple faithful priests. These are the kind of things the archdiocesan synod should have spending its time on (how to return to tradition and catechesis) instead of "diversity" and "how to be a more welcoming parish". Good work to those involved in this initiative, hopefully the archdiocese will catch up one day.

  2. The priests must be supportive or the programs would not have begun.

    No question that the St Mary's thing is lay-initiated. Have no clue how the St Jerome's program was begun.

  3. I sense what you're starting to see is that more priests, although not actively involved in initiatives similar to these, are not do anything to resist them. I assume once the old guard continues to retire in the Archdiocese the backlash against these newer priests from within who do support these initiatives will be diminished and we should then see more priests actively taking initiative of these instances. At least that's my wish but I won't hold my breath.

  4. The pastor of SMV is extremely supportive of the program. The parish has had a group, Musica Oremus, for at least two years so far that leans to the traditional side.

  5. Have no clue how the St Jerome's program was begun....given that the pastor is another Weakland bud!

  6. As the Pastoral Associate for Liturgy and Pastoral Care at St. Jerome Parish, I can tell you how it started here: our Music Director and I love this ancient and normative mode of music and, with the support of the pastor, are bringing it back to the liturgy where it was meant to be! Pax!

  7. At St Jerome's the Chant choir will rehearse at 2:45 PM on Tuesdays.

    At St Mary's the Chant choir will rehearse at 6:30PM on Wednesdays.


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