Bp Morlino goes ad orientem: "I say this a few other places I'll have to take both my hats off and duck."

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I transcribed parts of the audio, from a homily delivered at the Madison Cathedral parish.  I love his candor.  My emphasis

[Bishop Morlino] I'm planning for us, in accord with the mind of God.  My schedule has been and continues to be very busy.  I won't be here much between now and October and even after that somewhat.  But, please God, in October I will start to offer this Mass here at St Patrick's on Sunday morning when I am here ad orientem.  Ad orientem.

Now of course this congregation is unlike practically any other in the diocese because when I say that  A) you know what I mean  B) and this is the unbelievable part, you smile and you nod your head at me.  I say this a few other places I'll have to take both my hats off and duck.  But, Cardinal Sarah and Cardinal Burke for years, and Pope Benedict XVI have made the point over and over again that according to God's mind that His plan is that at the end of history He will come from the East like the rising sun, as we see in the Magnificat, as we see in the psalms, as we see in the scriptures.  God's plan is at the end of history He will come from the East from the rising sun.  And when the priest stands together with the congregation, not with his back toward them , that's not the point.the point is that the priest stands together with the congregation and he faces symbolically at least the East.  We become a mighty army marching toward the place of the rising sun to meet the Lord lead by the priest.  That's who we really are.

Now no general has ever lead his troops by facing them and walking backward.    And if he's built like me, it would be particularity not pretty when he trips.  What general would lead his troops that way?

It's what was intended really by the Second Vatican council in its documents.  [point out the well known directions in the rubrics noted in the missal]

I'm not going to force any other priest to do anything.  I don't want them angry saying Mass.  That darn bishop.  They shouldn't be thinking that during Mass if I can help it.

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  1. We can only hope and pray that our bishops and priests have the courage to provide the necessary catechesis on why saying the Novus Ordo Mass Ad Orientem is proper. The bishops and priests who start saying Mass Ad Orientem also need the prayers and support of the faithful.

  2. Within God's plan and in His time, up to and including an enhanced understanding Vatican II, we learn, we evolve, and we must return to Ad Orientem, for the Greater Glory of God.


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