Cardinal Burke Speaks on Attendance Drops, Liturgy, Ad Orientem and Islam

When Cardinal Raymond Burke held a teleconference at the end of August connected with Hope For the World: To Unite All Things in Christ (Ignatius Press), a new book-length interview, he spoke about some of today’s critical issues. Yet even with the turmoil in the world and Church, he noted the book’s title to emphasize his desire to encourage everyone so they “will find cause for new hope and new energy in their daily lives.”

Here mostly in his own words, are some critical areas he addressed.

He emphasized, “[W]e know that the only answer to the very serious challenges we face today is Jesus Christ and his gospel, his teaching, his life given to us in the Church. And so those of us who are Church leaders have a very serious responsibility to address the truth as taught to us by Christ in the Church to the situations of today, that is done not in a proud way but with a great sense of love, the same love that inspired our Lord and Savior, that marked his public ministry, but a love which knows that what will best serve society is the truth, the truth respected which respects the plan of God for us in the moment of creation and that plan has been restored by our Lord Jesus Christ.”
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