Watchdog: As classes begin at Marquette University, McAdams’ liberty lawsuit plods along

John McAdams’ academic freedom fight has now entered the discovery stage.

The Marquette University political science professor remains suspended without pay after refusing to apologize for the “transgression” of free speech.

Meanwhile, McAdams’ lawsuit alleging breach of contract and that the university violated his right to academic freedom drags on, headed for a Feb. 2 court date.

“We are in discovery right now. They have demanded a lot of stuff from me, including a lot of old emails,” McAdams told Wisconsin Watchdog on the Jay Weber Show, on NewsTalk 1130 WISN.

“We are asking for summary judgment, asking the judge to say Marquette was wrong and McAdams was right. If that happens, that will leave open the issue of how much of a settlement or judgment I get,” he said. “There would be a jury trial in mid-June to decide how much money I get. Marquette could settle rather than allowing it to go to trial.”
continue at Wisconsin Watchdog (posted a month ago, I am behind)

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