One Step Closer - St. Paul's New Building Coming Fall 2017

God's blessings to you and it is with tremendous enthusiasm that we share with you great news on the new building project at St. Paul Catholic Center. The Christ the Cornerstone campaign has been profoundly blessed by the many supporters who have joined together to raise over $24.5 million of the $26 million goal.

Over the past year, we have continued our fund raising efforts while working to enhance the design of the interior space for the new St. Paul's given the success of the campaign to-date and new construction well at hand.

As St. Paul's nears the completion of this historic campaign, a final $1.5 million must be raised in order to fund the enhancement of three remaining areas of great importance. These areas of focus will create a truly beautiful future for the Catholic ministry at UW-Madison, continuing St. Paul's tradition of enlivening and deepening the faith of college students to prepare them for a Christ-centered life.
UW St. Paul

Apparently they are using pterodactyls to assist with construction.

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