St. Patrick's Oratory, Green Bay, WI

We had gone to the Oratory in Green Bay, oohhh, what two months ago?  As you can see I'm really on the ball with the posts these days.  It was the Giants game, which they won(! right before all that losing started), and yes, in fact I did take my wife to a Packers game for her birthday and we had a marvelous time darlings!

St. Patrick's is definitely an improvement from the previous chapel at the diocesan center.  I had come down with a pretty good cold so could not belt out singing from the pews.  Adoration and Benediction was immediately after Mass, a very nice touch.  I wonder how a step like this could vastly improve the spirituality of an Ordinary Form parish, especially if it were during one of the liturgical seasons.  It's really nice to have the Institute here in Green Bay as an option, especially considering how many visitors are in the area both for a certain NFL team but also for the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help(yes traditionalists also have a devotion to the BVM).  Other than the Cathedral, I'm under the impressions there's not a whole lot of options for the JPII generation in the Fox Valley area although we have had comments on this blog about St. Pius X parish in Appleton improving.  But yes, an excellent Mass, lots of altar boys, unfortunately without posting this more timely my memory fades to recall any other details.  At least we have some photos to share though.

St. Patrick's Oratory, Green Bay, WI


Valley Trad said...

Father Paider at St. Mary in Menasha is offering Novus Ordo ad orientum at 6:00 pm on Saturday evenings. A small step in the right direction. (pun intended!)

Badger Catholic said...

Very cool, thanks VT!