Pope Frets about 'Hemorrhage' of Priests, Nuns from Church

Reported yesterday at the Associated Press.

The AP notes this isn't really news in "the developed world".

It has even been a problem in developing countries. For example, John L. Allen Jr.'s report in April 2013 at National Catholic Reporter on our Pope's 15 years as Archbishop of Buenos Aires included that,

"vocations to the priesthood have been falling in Buenos Aires on his watch, despite the fact they’re up in some other dioceses. Last year the archdiocese ordained just 12 new priests, as opposed to 40-50 per year when Bergoglio took over.
On the other hand, even in the developed world there have been some of what CARA's '1964' blog called Ordination All-Stars, notably the Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska.


Luke said...

Weird. It's like guys don't want to work for someone who constantly ridicules and doubts them.

William said...

Look around -- traditional groups and dioceses have no trouble recruiting vocations. And their vetting and formation practices are very demanding. How wearying are these Churchmen who have eyes but do not see; ears but do not hear.

Anonymous said...

Or look ar a +Cupich who went from over 20 seminarians in spokane to 2, but that's the type of bishop for Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Correlation is not causation; ordinations in my diocese went up during the tenure of +Cardinal Burke, however, so did the number of priests I knew who left the ministry because of homosexuality as well as the number who pursued laicization; furthermore, the quality of some of seminarians from far-flung locations was questionable. Nevertheless, I'm not sure that he (the Cardinal) was directly responsible.