The Remnant Interview of Cardinal Raymond Burke

Matt: What is your advice for faithful lay Catholics should Pope Francis continue to not answer you dubia?

Cardinal Burke: My advice is this, and it's inspired by the truth, the reality that Christ is alive for us in the Church, in her teaching, in her Sacraments, her life of prayer and devotion and in her discipline: Continue to steep yourself in the knowledge of the faith and the knowledge of Christ as He is alive for us in the Church. Study the Catechism of the Catholic Church and other expressions of the Church's constant teaching, for example, the apostolic exhortation Familiaris Consortio of St. John Paul II. And then continue to deepen your participation in the Sacred Liturgy and prayer life at home and devotional life. And at the same time, strive to conform your life evermore to the truths of our faith, following the Church's moral teaching and the teaching of the moral law. Today, after the Post Communion Prayer, we prayed in the Ordinary Form that we would be torches to welcome Christ by our prayer and witness to His truth, and that's what we ought to be concerned about. And if we do that we will be encouraged and won’t let ourselves get worn down by these great difficulties through which we're passing now.
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