GBPG: Local ties stretch to Wyoming Catholic College

GREEN BAY - With a piece of chalk in hand, Kent Lasnoski knows where to draw the line for venturing outdoors with his students and the chalkboard they use in class.

“We’re not going to go outside when (the weather is) crazy,” said Lasnoski, who’s in his second year as a theology professor at Wyoming Catholic College.

Though Lasnoski taught one class outside as hail fell, he assures those who attend a seminar hosted by the college this weekend at The National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help in Champion that they will stay indoors. Crazy temperatures hovering around or below zero are in the forecast, after all.

Lasnoski and fellow faculty have traveled more than 1,200 miles to share insights with locals on their relatively new, uncommonly small and uniquely structured college in the middle of Wyoming.
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acardnal said...

Sorry but I don't like that photo. It suggests to me that the priest is treating the chalice cup, which contains the Precious Blood, like a stein of beer!