University of Wisconsin Course Examines Negative Effects of Masculinity

A six-week program offered at the University of Wisconsin-Madison aims to counter the effects of the societal expectation for men to be masculine.

The program centers on the premise that masculinity is primarily a societal construct rather than an intrinsic biological reality. Based on this premise, radical gender theorists argue that masculinity has a toxic influence on society.

The “Men’s Project” is a six-week program for male students that asks participants to reflect on the negative effects of the expectation to be masculine. A news release from the University of Wisconsin material claims that one of the goals is to “prevent future violence” from male students.
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Terry Nelson said...

LOL! I bet Dr. Dick Solomon and Dr. Mary Albright will be teaching.

Badger Catholic said...

Hahaha! Did you know that guy plays Winston Churchill in the new The Crown series? He's really good in a serious role but I always remember him as Dr. Dick Solomon.